Secret Base (Self Base)

Secret Base (Self Base)

Every child is a king here. Create your favorite game according to your own rules.

・ If you change the shape, it will become a fine and sturdy tride.


It can be said that a sense of accomplishment is created by loosely connecting the thinking training and the actual action.
A sense of accomplishment is the flip side of a sense of fulfillment, and it doesn't change even when you become an adult.
Adults have not forgotten the excitement of playing as children.
I just keep it in the back of my mind.

Even as an adult, I will never forget that feeling, and there is a wonderful world that is engraved in my memory as the source of the original scenery.
It is a secret base when both children and adults are excited and excited.


・ You can play even if the number of people increases. It is a mechanism that allows you to naturally acquire the concept of front and back.

- Quiet secret base. But there is a space where you can wait for play.

・ The facial expression changes just by changing the direction.

・ Play goods, you can see someone on the other side of the hole!