Renovation of old private houses

Examples of revitalization of old folk houses

Renovation of the exterior of an old folk house. It aims to create a modern style with modern materials, and to create elegance and calm by adopting black. It is a house with an atmosphere that allows you to live in a traditional building with a modern intellectual sense.

My parents' farmhouse is an old folk house.蕎麦茶寮Renewal as.
It is transformed into a secret base for adults who can enjoy a slow life while taking their time.
Boiling water from a natural weak alkaline spring is also popular, and home baths that use the effect of black silica ore are
It is appreciated by everyone from young children to the elderly. It is also one of the answers for private lodging.

The revitalization of old houses can be broadly divided into restoration (reproduction of the original plan), renovation (restoration and improvement based on the old plan), and renovation (change of structure and use).
Since the way of living basically changes, we will listen to the requests of the people who live and use them, and propose plans and construction methods while sorting out the importance.
It will be a creative design work that brings out the unique features, performance, and value of the building and gives shape to everyone's needs.

・The room by the entrance, which was a Japanese-style guest room, was transformed into a study and reception room. The human eye is sharp, and it is trimmed with the skill of a carpenter and the treatment of design.

Bedroom. Originally, it was a barn. It was dark and cold, and it was the biggest room to change. It is also his wife's room.

・ It is not possible to cut the edge of the veranda and garden. The Japanese-style room is made of alcove and shoin, which is the opening on the left hand side. Good visibility and obstruction are inseparable.